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> > And  isn't it interesting how much time the major networks
> > devoted to this  as compared to the court decision on
> > wiretaps which is by far more important.
> >>
> >> No , not at all. Most people  want the current NSA program in 
> >> place and it is still going on while  it is appealed. So
> >> nothing has really changed and probably won't till the Supreme
> >> Court hears it. It will make an excellent campaign issue.  
> >>
> > Liar. Most people do not want the current NSA program in place.  
> > Where did you get that information? FUX News?
> >
> > Washington Post. not exactly a Conservative news paper or one 
> > friendly to the administration. Read for yourself. _Poll:  Most 
> > Americans Support NSA's Efforts_ 
> >(http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-
> >
> And what question did they ask them?


> That's not in the article is it?

Actually, there's a link in the article to a page with
the questions that were asked.

WARRANTLESS wiretapping--the issue in the court case--
was not even mentioned.

MDixon made it clear he was referring to the issue in
the court case; but then to prove his assertion that a
majority of Americans approve, cited a poll that
completely failed to ask about that issue.
> I would like to see a survey of Americans with the question:
> "Do you believe President Bush is above the law?"   I bet that 
> would get way different results.

When Americans are asked whether they approve of
WARRANTLESS wiretapping--the issue in the court
case--a majority say they do NOT approve.

> That's what the issue is here anyway.

Of course it is.  And obscuring this distinction--
between court-ordered and WARRANTLESS wiretapping--
is standard Republican dishonesty, the kind that
got Bush elected in the first place.

> He has broken existing laws and should be prosecuted
> for it.

The whole kit and caboodle of them should be prosecuted
for lying to the American people.

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