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And what question did they ask them? That's not in the article is it?
I would like to see a survey of Americans with the question: "Do you
believe President Bush is above the law?" I bet that would get way
different results. That's what the issue is here anyway. He has broken
existing laws and should be prosecuted for it.

By the time this poll was taken it was common knowledge that warrants for wire tapping calls coming in to the US  from suspected terrorists were not asked for by the NSA nor given by the courts.<I stand completely behind my comment and by the Washington Post Poll that the overwhelming majority of Americans stand by the program that the NSA had in place which included warrantless wire taps on calls from suspected terrorists coming into the US. Now if you would like to show me another poll taken by a major news paper or polling firm that says Americans are against warrantless wiretaps in the case of intercepting terrorist phone calls coming into the US, I'll be happy to listen.

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