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> > > 
> > > I think Jehova chose them to punish Israel, because they were 
> > > A-holes, or stuff. Wasn't that near destruction of Israel even 
> > > predicted in the Bible?
> > 
> > Right, including hundreds of thousands of children
> > who weren't old enough to have become A-holes yet.
> What?! How can "they" refer to a singular noun "Israel"? 
> At least the more likely antecedent should IMO be "them".
> Perhaps a native speaker of English perceives that 
> differently...
> I meant of course that Nazis were A-holes. But OTOH
> those babies had been old enough several times to accumulate
> enough bad karma to be treated like that. 
> It's weird that many people seem to think the laws of karma
> don't apply to Jews.

In the first place, why do you assume they were
Jews in their past lives?

In the second place, not only is it none of our
damn business whether it was their karma or not,
we can't possibly know what was involved.  For
all we know, these were all very highly evolved
people who were on the verge of enlightenment who
had chosen one last really tough lifetime to get
rid of their remaining karma all at one go before
their final liberation.

What's appropriate for human beans is to mourn
the senseless slaughter of 6 million innocents
and do our damndest to keep it from happening
again, to anybody--period.

So you can take your despicable anti-Semitic 
speculations and stick 'em where the sun don't

> > 
> > I find your comments thoroughly disgusting, disgraceful,
> > and offensive.
> >

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