>In a message dated 8/20/06 9:56:07 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
>The  problem is that the FISA issue is too complicated for the average 
>American  and most of those polled probably really didn't understand the 
>issue. That  65% might have a different opinion if brought up to speed 
>on FISA. The  Bushists did the same thing playing up the Social 
>Security issue knowing  that it could be easily obfuscated because of its 
>complexity and they  might be able to snow the average American. They 
>weren't  successful.
>And don't you think the Democratic party would have tweaked that poll by  the 
>Washington Post by emphasizing warrantless wiretaps in another poll after  
>May 11, if they thought they could have moved  those numbers against  Bush? Of 
>course they would! They haven't touched it yet because they are  afraid to or 
>if they have they have kept it secret. And why would they keep it a  secret 
>unless it didn't move the numbers the way they wanted them. The fact is  the 
>people feel safer with the program just as it is and if it ain't broke,  don't 
>it. Everybody in that poll knew exactly what was meant in that poll  because 
>the topic had been hotly debated for so long and as I said if there was  any 
>confusion the DNC would have modified the questions later to include  
>warrantless wiretaps of incoming calls from Al Qaeda suspects just in order  
>to have 
>the last word in public opinion.

Americans like McDonalds food to but that doesn't mean it is good for 
them.   Neither is warrantless wiretapping.  Or maybe you want the 
government to install video cameras in your home so they can watch 
everything you ala 1984?

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