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> > >>> >> My prediction is that anyone who gets on the "enlightened"
> list will
> > >>> >> be banned from future courses.  MMY's organization is not
> built for
> > >>> >> people who claim to have reached the goal. The "only one
> beard in the
> > >>> >> room" rule still applies.  Am I wrong?
> > >>> >> 
> > >> > 
> > >> > That's why Fred Travis has been able to publish physiological
> studies on
> > >> > people who reported
> > >> > witnessing 24/7 for years on end: they're afraid to step
> > > 
> > Fred was very condescending and dismissive of an Awake friend
> > of mine whose brain waves didn¹t happen to match Fred¹s
> > expectations.
> Where did TMO folks get the idea that being awake/enlightened is a
> measurable, dualistic phenomenon?

Well, its a 30 year old theme in the TMO  -- at least  as far as
states, dual and non-dual, having measurable correlates. TMO folks got
it from MMY -- and his active encouragement of various researchers of
that theme. And TMO'ers got it from many advanced lectures, res course
tapes, etc. And SCI. Where did you "miss" the theme being there?

More power to anyone claiming awakening. But without specific
physiological correlates, its not TMO enlightenement. It is something
else,  some other definition of higher states, other than the TMO's.
Such as it appears Jim is doing. 

That doesn't imply that such awakened or non-TMO BC aren't substantial
or "less". But they are not the TMO thing.

It does raise a good set of questions: i) is refinement of the nervous
system, ii) is a nervous system indeed necessry' for enlightenment? 

Peter, if i understand his past posts, has said "no" to i). Though
this is clearly contgraty to TMO dogma / theory. His response to ii)
would be intersting. 

Alex, what is your view on the above two questions?

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