--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues"

> Sorry, but now I have to beg your pardon.  I just checked it. The
> verified correct title is The Balkin Lute of the Himalayas
> highlighting the glorious career of Serbian Lute player, Saraswitcki.
>  Forget what I said before about the bacon-lite stuff, that was
> completely wrong.

And besides, the Bacon Lite was a soy substitute product. A name,
tested in early focus groups was "Soy of the Himalayas" --- Soymalayas
for short. That morphed to "Soma Laylas" -- a nice name actually. But
using his knowledge of the future, M didn't want it to get confused
with Eric Clapton's 70's Layla which even in 1955, he felt was over
played. Though he initially wanted Jerry to change his name to Derek
-- and have the regional coordinators named "the Dominos". Though Joe
Clarke was holding out for "Surf Gods".  But Derek and the Dominos
made M laugh more than Derek and the Surf Gods -- so they went with
that. Though the latter totally cracked Joe up.  But Jerry balked. And
it was left to Jerry and the Four Shanks. Meanwhile, Eric was seeing
one of the Beatles wives who had been in India (who can keep all those
cross-rock relations straight -- even the akashic record is having to
amp up its servers to handle all the links) and heard another India
wife mention the Derek and the Dominos joke -- and history was made.
(Little known fact -- Maria Sharapova was conceived with Layla
blasting over some cheap but large black market Polish speakers
smuggled into Siberia (Sibeeria was Maria's birthplace. Makes
"banished to Siberia" take on whole new meanings.) And the polish
speakers were mafufactured in a town that roughly translates as Fair
Field. The quality control guy who initialed the speakers ok, was
named Derek.) 

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