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> > > From the idea that enlightened states of consciousness are STATES OF
> > > complete with physiological styles of functioning.
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> > I'm curious, is there any observation of people losing their
> > enlightened  brainwave pattern, when  they get old and senile, and
> > hence also having lost their TMO style enlightenment. People's
> > brainfuctioning generally deteriorate, when they get old. MMY's
> > behavior has for some time shown clear signs of his deteroriating
> > brainfunctioning (which is of course natural considering his
> > respectably high age).
> > 
> > Irmeli
> >
> Actually, brain-functioning doesn't deteriorate all that much just
because you get old, and 
> MMY doesn't show any signs of a stroke that I can see. Would you ask
if people lose the 
> ability to sleep or dream just because they got old?

People don't lose their ability to dream, but many other functions
deteriorate with aging. People get more sleep disturbances, they have
more difficult to keep their balance, when moving. Balance keeping is
a demanding function of coordination in the  brain. Mental problems
increase with aging often in the form of irrational fears and mild
paranoia. If you asked a pathologist, he would definitely claim that
there is clear age related deterioration happening in the brain, even
if there may appear new structures also.
I see a certain kind of deterioration in myself even if I'm only 55. I
tend to forget names more easily  now. I also have to put my
appointments and many tasks on calendar to be sure to remember them on
time. When younger I remembered all my appointments easily without any
calendar. But I can see improvement also in some other areas.

MMY's very weird behaviour and his many irrational claims and
stumbling in his speaking I have considered to be a result from weaker
brain functioning that is very common in people of his age. I don't
claim his behaviour to be a result of a massive stroke.


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