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>> on 8/23/06 2:09 PM, Paul Mason at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>> I had someone contact me recently to assist with a degree they are
>>> doing on aspects of MMY and the TMO. I am already aware of Dr
>>> Coplin's work.
>>> But to whom are your referring to when you write of 'people who got
>>> their PhD's in Sociology by researching the early history of MMY and
>>> the TMO'?
>> He might be referring to Rob McCutchean, who wrote a paper on it which
>> you’ll find in our files section.
> I couldn't find this, Rick.  Could you be more specific
> as to where it is, what folder?

It’s called “The Social and the Celestial.doc” and is in http://tinyurl.com/bt7sp __._,_.___

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