--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues"
> Thanks for the flashback!  I remember at the very end of my TTC they
> made a point of having us hold the file in our hands but told us not
> to look.  I didn't know if it was a test or what it was.  I was too
> afraid, I admire you for looking!  What was it's purpose?  I thought
> it might be some legal thing that they were fulfilling since they had
> records on us but we did not work for them as employees. Was it to let
> us know that they had a file on us? It was a weird moment.  Any TTC
> teacher care to weigh in?
  I kept a separate file with course leaders signatures for all
testing on TTC. I saw how they screwed up their records, people got
hassled, and I wanted to be sure I had a duplicate. I still have it. 

  I started it because they tried to charge extra for the bus ride
from the airport in Germany to the course in France. Everybody
refused, but I knew it was going to be trouble. At the end of the
course, they tried to collect initiation fees for advanced techniques
that Maharishi had already given. Again everone refused. 1975-76



> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Gimbel" <babajii_99@>
> wrote:
> >
> >  (snip)
> > "Come off it, Judy.  I'd be amazed if they had records going back a 
> > few 
> > > years, much less when someone learned TM.  The bit about the 
> > teacher's 
> > > name is just more TMO silliness, as anyone could have made up a 
> > name.  
> > > Tell you what...next time you apply for a course, make up some name 
> > to 
> > > put in the initiator's blank, and see what happens--I'll bet 
> > nothing.  
> > > (The name, of course, would have to be something that doesn't call 
> > > attention to itself, could even be the name of an initiator, just 
> > not 
> > > *your* initiator.)"
> > 
> > I wouldn't at all be surprised, that the movement has kept every 
> > little peice of paper that has your name on it;
> > From the very beginning of your involvement with it.
> > When I was on TTC in 1977, in France;
> > It seemed at the end, when we were made teachers;
> > The people handling the paperwork, seemed like mostly Germans;
> > And we all know about their obsession with record keeping...
> > I guess Freud called this: "Anal Retentive"
> > Anyway, they had every paper that I had ever submitted, in my file;
> > Which I was instructed, not to look at;
> > But, I to a peek anyway; after all, it was(is) my file, right?
> > R.G.
> >

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