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> on 8/25/06 1:21 AM, bob_brigante at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 
> >> > But to claim that there is some current and persistent 
> >> > campaign against the TMO without any evidence (and there is 
> >> > of evidence that the govt gives millions to the TMO and MUM 
in grant
> >> > money, etc) is just the sign of a defective brain and 
> > 

> They government is huge and internal communications are sloppy. It 
is not
> unlikely that one branch is giving money while another is hassling 
> movement. When I was teaching in DC soon after Jonestown, I¹m 
quite sure our
> phones were tapped.


The government monitors a lot of people, but this is not harmful in 
itself, and the fact that MUM has collected many millions in grants 
from the feds illustrates the lack of harm any government monitoring 
has done. Tell me what possible evidence there is that the TMO has 
suffered in any way from govt harassment? Also, because the original 
investigation of the TMO was generated from on top, President 
Carter, it's very unlikely that interest in the TMO continued after 
presidents friendly (Reagan/Bush Sr.) or neutral (Clinton) to the 
movement took over.

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