Hey Billionaires! Here's your chance to cough up some money and AVOID
THE SHAME!!!!!!!

His Holiness
Mahesh Yogi  
Billionaires Invited to
Make Their Nations Invincible
Employ 500 to 1000 Yogic Flyers to
Create Coherent Collective Consciousness
for a Problem-Free, Sovereign Country
"You Will Be Crowned as the
True Ruler of Your Nation"


His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week invited the world's
billionaires to make their nations invincible by employing 500 to 1000
people in the country to practice Transcendental Meditation and its
more advanced Yogic Flying technique, and thereby create coherence in
collective consciousness—the basis of true freedom, sovereignty, and
invincibility for the nation.
"Here is a beautiful invitation for any billionaire to transform the
nation from problems and suffering to affluence and peace through the
science and technology of total Natural Law. Here is an invitation for
any billionaire to be crowned as the true ruler of his country,"
Maharishi said.
Extensive scientific research published in the world's leading
journals has found that group practice of Yogic Flying by a small
number of people in the country (as few as the square root of one
percent of the population) is enough to reduce negative trends,
including crime and violence, and promote positive economic and social
tendencies throughout society.
The cost to train and employ the group of Yogic Flyers in the country
will be a tiny fraction of what any government spends on its military
in a single day.
Maharishi's approach to invincibility is in sharp contrast with the
conventional military approach. "Our approach does not require the
government to sacrifice the youth for the sake of the nation—because
when the youth are killed in war, then for whom is the nation?"
Maharishi said.
Maharishi emphasized that even if no billionaires immediately accept
the invitation, there are two additional viable approaches to make the
nation invincible:
     1.     Five hundred to a thousand ordinary citizens in a country
can be trained in Yogic Flying.  They can then lease a hall and
practice Yogic Flying together every day to raise their nation to
     2.     Parents with children who are having difficulties with
conventional learning can have their children trained in Yogic Flying,
and through their group practice of the technique, the children will
create integrated, invincible national consciousness.

"Now the wealthy citizens or the ordinary citizens or the children who
do not enjoy learning can raise their country to invincibility,"
Maharishi said.
Groups of Yogic Flyers are already engaged in creating coherent
national consciousness in 15 nations, including Holland and America,
where both countries are enjoying a dramatic and sustained upsurge in
positive economic and social trends. Similar invincibility groups will
soon be under way in 40 more countries.
"The time has come for every country to crown one person—or a group of
people—who will assume the parental responsibility to raise the nation
to invincibility," Maharishi said.
The crowning ceremonies will be held on Thursday, September 7.
Maharishi will answer questions about his invitation to billionaires
and his global program to raise every nation to invincibility during
his next global news conferences on August 30 and 31.
For more information, please write the European Financial Capital c/o
Archimidestraat 60, 10000 Brussels, Belgium, or email to:
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