Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Quiet Trains Initiative Update
on 8/28/06 10:12 PM, bob_brigante at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

This presentation by Bill Blackmore is so thorough and well-organized
he can't possibly be in TMO management -- maybe he's an engineer of
some sort, anybody know?

Don’t know his profession, but he doesn’t work for the TMO.

As far as the cost of doing the
installations that will meet safety reqs, ex-city councilman Tom

Otherwise known as Raja Stanley, Raja of Denver and brother of Alex.

gave $250,000 to build the new Civic Center -- maybe he or
some other well-off Fairfielder will give the necessary money to
allow quiet enjoyment of the Civic Center events.

Could be, but most of the rich folks don’t live near the tracks.

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