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> > > I heard Geoffrey Clements say something similar many years 
> > > ago, when he visited Norway. When we meditate TM - something 
> > > is happening in the brain, more coherence. If we meditate 
> > > with people that is not doing TM - their vibes will disturb 
> > > our brain wave function. Some of the TB's told us not to have 
> > > non-meditating friends - because it was not good for us, and 
> > > never meditate in the same room as others that used other 
> > > meditation technique. I think I would be very comfortable 
> > > to meditate in the same room as Yogananda and Guru Dev.
> > > Ingegerd
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> > When I first came to MIU in the mid-70s, a friend told me 
> > that once during meditation he felt a presence sitting next 
> > to him. The thought came, "Zen Buddhist". A voice spoke to 
> > him telepathically and said, "What right do you have to 
> > transcend?" Then it continued: "This is how I transcend."
> > 
> > At that moment, according to my friend, "the bottom fell 
> > out" and he plunged into the deepest meditation he had 
> > ever experienced. As I recall, he didn't find the 
> > experience to be negative.
> Although this story sounds somewhat hyped up and
> fictionalized, that *IS* what it's like to meditate
> with someone who can go into samadhi for long periods
> of time. The bottom really does "fall out," in the
> sense that as long as that person stays in thought-
> less samadhi, *you* stay in thoughtless samadhi. 
> Forget the "maximum of several seconds" stuff that
> Sparaig talks about from the experiments; we're
> talking twenty minutes to an hour easy, sometimes
> longer.
> When you think about it, this may be one reason that
> the TMO doesn't want its people meditating with those
> from other traditions who can transcend for long 
> periods of time. As long as they don't know it's 
> possible, they don't know what they're missing.

Pats head.

Of course, Unc. There's a good boy. 

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