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> > > I've only been meditating for 37 years (TM govenor/Siddha...in 
> > > standing)and don't really know...any takers? BillyG.
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> > Hi, I think yes, it probably is, though I had such an experience 
> > before gaining enlightenment. The reason I say probably is that 
> > seems like such a normal and necessary part of functioning once 
> > liberation is attained. Performance of the TM-Sidhis really 
> > the experience for me. What has your experience been?
>  I have never seen the Ajna Chakra or any other for that matter, 
but my 
> understanding it is essential as the 'spinal highway' is the only 
> back to Spirit. (Brahman).....
Not sure I understand all of what you said- 

all I can say is that when the third eye opens (a very weird 
expression by the way...) the ability is gained to see all manner of 
things without the optic machinery of the eyes, although such sights 
are still like any other picture, with dimension, shape, color, etc.

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