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>  >>> Bhairitu <noozguru@> wrote:
>  >>> Yup, he [Maharishi] secularized a lot of the stuff.
>  >>> For instance, "creative intelligence" for "Shakti".
>  >> sparaig replied:
>  >> I don't think he uses "creative intelligence" as a translation of
>  >> "Shakti". I think it's more a translation of "Brahma".
> > t3rinity further responded:
> > 
> > I agree with Bhairitu: It [creative intelligence] is Shakti. 
>  > Think of this SCI lecture, where he [Maharishi] speaks about: "when
>  > Awareness becomes aware of itself, then intelligence becomes
>  > Here "intelligence" is "Shiva" and "creativity" is "Shakti". 
Brahma is
>  > more like an executive function, but he can only create because
he has
>  > Shakti.
> For the sake of accuracy, the words used in SCI #8 actually are:
> "When existence becomes conscious, then intelligence becomes
>   on the way to assuming its role as creative intelligence."

Thank you Michael, I wouldn't have known the proper wording anymore.
> So if "intelligence is Shiva" and "creativity [creative intelligence]
> is Shakti" -
> Let's fill in the whole sequence...there seem to be five steps or
> layers or aspects:
> "When (1) existence becomes (2) conscious, then (3) intelligence be-
>   comes (4) intelligent, on the way to assuming its role as (5) creative
>   intelligence."
> (1) What is existence before it becomes conscious?

Shiva, inert

> (2) What is existence once it's become conscious?

Shiva, but conscious

> (3) What is intelligence before it becomes intelligent? [you said
Same as 1),Shiva, there is a paralelism in the two statements

> (4) What is intelligence once it's become intelligent?

Again Shiva, but now awake.

> (5) What is creative intelligence? [you said "Shakti"]

Yes Shakti. The moment we say 'becomes' it is Shakti involved, as
Shakti and Shiva are regarded as inseparable, like fire and heat. You
can ask: 'What is fire?' and 'What is heat?', but in reality they are
inseparable. Therefore, I am on absolutely safe grounds here. Because
Shiva is everything, and Shakti is one with Shiva. Shiva is basically
pure existence, the noumen, Shakti is movement, the eternal becoming,
the phenomen.

You may remember a lecture, where Maharishi speaks of the Absolute
being 'on the move' In this example M. pictures the Fullness of
Fullness being afraid of emptiness, and out of this fear of emptiness,
it moves. The emptiness is basically another word for Maya, and Maya
again is the Shakti of Vedanta. The Divine Mother is equally called
Mahamaya and Mahashakti. There maybe other technical concepts in
Sanskrit to which Maharishi refers to in SCI 8, quite possible from
Kashmir Shaivaism, but I think its quite save to see in it Shiva and

About the inert Shiva: There is the famous picture of Kali (time)
dancing on the corpse of Shiva. Also, this time not Shiva, but
Narayana (nevertheless the same principle of the noumen in Vaishnava
terminology), who wakes up at the beginning of creation, having slept
during pralaya. This also shows that the noumen can have two states,
one awake, and one inert.

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