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> > >> Geezer, You have provided me with some great laughs - I like your
> > sense of humor. 
> > > thanks
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> > Thanks Wayback. Nice to meetcha. Here's something that I remembered a
> > few days ago that got me chuckling. Some may not realize this but
> > "flying" did not always involve foams pads and bouncy bouncy. I was in
> > the very first group to do...um..."research" into this particular
> > sutra. We (a select group of Selisbergers) sat in a circle of chairs
> > trying it out. Needless to say, not much was happening. One day I
> > rigged a coathanger in my tie in such a way that I could manipulate
> > the tie....cause it to "levitate"...with my hand in my pocket.
> > The chosen did their thing the next afternoon and sure enough, as
> > everyone was slowly opening their eyes, the end of my tie was floating
> > aloft trying to get it's dim witted owner to follow suit. You could
> > hear the collective gasps in the room as everyone came out. Only when
> > I lost it and started laughing did the camp divide into those
> > (thankfully many) who thought it hilarious and those (the usual sad
> > sack hard core) who thought humor should be kept OUT of spiritual
> > development.
> > Achtung! There vill be no yokes.....NO YOKING in this room from
now on!
> > Ahh yes, good times.
> >
> Humor has its place, but  in that context, you were out of line.
That's Mel Brooks sort of 
> humr, where Jesus prays for a sign and someone pulls a prank that
leads to legends of 
> miracles. Works in the movies but NOT in real life.
> Well, maybe the legend-of-miracles part.

I thought it was hilarious. Especially given the mind-set of the early
courses: totally open / gullable, fully true-belieiving, rumor-mongering. 

The boy has wit.
And I'm still chuckling over "MMY hasn't called any one that in years."

Its a style of humor prevalent in SIMS days,IMO. Lost or diminished in
time. High-pranks, MFs, kindly, eye-twinkling irreverance, no sacred cows.

Jerry was quite the jokester. And loved telling witty things he picked
up "on-the-road."  

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