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> > > The World Plan would haev been accomplished years ago.
> > > With full Steve Irwin passion and enthusiasm:
> > 
> > Almost exactly what MMY said -- talking about if only he had 
> > had Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, running the movement.
> That might have had a down side though. With L Ron
> Hubbard in place, the TM movement might have seen
> some of the weirdnesses that we saw develop in
> Scientology, like charging people a small fortune
> for courses, hounding people out of the organiz-
> ation for not believing exactly what they were told 
> to believe, developing lists of suppressive persons, 
> that sorta thing. I think in retrospect it was better 
> that they left the TMO in the hands of highly evolved 
> yogis who have the full support of nature...  :-)

Heh. I note the smiley, but if you have the slightest shred of seriousness in 
that passage 
above, you REALLY don't udnerstand how Scientiology works on an organizational 

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