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Just as ABC has the right to show the film,
members of the public have the right to say
they believe ABC *should not* show the film.

That is not "censorship" in any way, shape,
or form. That, in fact, is free speech.

Funny how conservative you sound now. Remember how Liberals cried "Censorship" when republicans demanded the same things when it came to the Ronald Reagan movie?  Or when country western stations decided,from their side,not to play the Dixie Chicks anymore and the Chicks and other liberals cried censorship? Conservatives never advocated government interference with CBS or radio stations. These are only two examples off the top of my head in which I have heard liberals accuse conservatives of wanting censorship in such cases. You are right though real censorship is government telling somebody that can't say something. It has nothing to do with personal opinion.< It is funny though how schools feel free these days to censor student speeches at commencement ceremonies if the student should mention his belief in God or give thanks to a deity. Now THAT is censorship in it's truest form.

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