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> > > If you worked on National or International staff this
> > > type of behavior was quite common. We posted alot
> > > about it several years ago. My little adventure was
> > > with National in DC when we were fixing-up the hotel
> > > on Purusha and I was in charge of housekeeping. I was
> > > in on the meeting when two people on national staff
> > > tricked a vaccum cleaner salesman into lending us
> > > about a dozen very high-end commercial vaccum cleaners
> > > ($1000.00 each) for the weekend. They essentially told
> > > him they were going to buy the vaccum cleaners but
> > > they had absolutely no intention of doing so. We used
> > > them for about 72 hours straight. They got very
> > > trashed and banged-up and then on Monday he came to
> > > collect his check and was told that we weren't
> > > interested in buying them. I was livid but the two
> > > National Staff guys told me to calm down. Real sleaze
> > > bag ethics. The TMO, behaind the scenes is replete
> > > with deception. And of course that grand daddy of them
> > > all: THE PUNDIT PROJECTS!!! Not one f*cking cent has
> > > gone towards bringing pundits to the US. Rationalize
> > > and double speak all you want, but it an outright con
> > > job orchestrated by MMY.
> > 
> > 
> > TMO sleazy, or in some cases simply hardball business methods 
> a
> > crime, and done by many businesses -- MMY was a very hard and 
> creative
> > negotiator -- a postive trait in many businesses) is quite a 
> different
> > thing from what TM / SIMS teachers were taught to do when 
> teaching. 
> > 
> > The latter is what I understand is the issue. Becasue MMY 
> negotiated
> > hard for hotels and vegetables (some funny stories), and later 
> > real deceit  and scams occurred on the organizational / Int'l 
> levels,
> > is not support for the assertion that SIMS teachers were
> > systematically taught how to lie in their teaching  intro 
> >
> I tend to agree. While I too find much to fault the TMO about, I 
> personally never lied to about TM or the TM-Sidhis, and they were 
> true to their word about my TM-Sidhis credit in 1979-80-- I worked 
> for the TMO for six months, was given the full CIC, worked another 
> six months for the TMO, and that was it.
> As for all the questions I could've asked about mantras, etc., my 
> first experience with TM and subsequent practice was rewarding 
> enough that I didn't concern myself with esoterica (e.g. how many 
> mantras are there? Where does the tradition come from?). I just 
> plain didn't care. After all a tradition, any tradition, is just a 
> long-term habit.
> As for the deceit and arrogance and stuff about the TMO, I always 
> stayed away from it once I was exposed to it. Something I think a 
> lot of the disenchanted ex teachers here didn't do was to take 
> responsibility for themselves when they became aware that either 
> TMO or Maharishi was discovered to go against their ethics, values 
> or principles. 
> I did, and so don't have to wallow in all of these recriminations 
> decades later.

I had a somewhat similar experience.

Although I always thought the teaching was wonderful, almost from 
Day One I thought the way MMY ran the movement was quite 

So there was always a grain of salt there for me when it came to MMY 
announcing this or that plan.  As a result, I was never devastated 
so much when even greater sleaze was revealed years later.

> Even if I didn't understand the particular behavior, 
> I've always been intuitive enough so that if it 'smelled' bad, I 
> stayed away.
> I would suggest that instead of continuing to rehash these old 
> stories about how X said Y but did Z, it is far easier to admit 
> mistakes, lack of insight, whatever, and...move on.

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