Chucklenuts is stuck between Iraq and a hard place.  The "deer in the 
eyes" look he gave on 9-11 was because he was given the message that 
"Angel is next" unless he did the oligarchy's bidding.  He's been their 
obliging puppet ever since.

johnlasher20002000 wrote:

>I think you'll find this most interesting - if you take the time to
>read.  It could explain a lot.
>Has Bush gone over the edge?
>September 5, 2006 06:06 AM | Enemies of the State | 18 Comments
>An increasing number of Republicans, ranging from former 
>conservative Congressman Joe Scarborough to former President George 
>H.W. Bush, worry that President George W. Bush's tenuous hold on 
>reality is slipping away and the leader of the free world may be 
>sliding into a full-fledged mental breakdown.
>Scarborough sounded the warning recently when he devoted an episode 
>of his MSNBC talk show to the topic "Is Bush an Idiot?"  Other 
>published reports say Bush's own father is worried about his son's 
>mental state. Psychiatrists who have observed Bush during his 
>presidency share this concern.
>Jeffrey Steinberg in the ultra-conservative Lyndon LaRouche scandal 
>sheet Executive Intelligence Review:
>The word is circulating in high-level Republican Party circles that 
>former President George H.W. Bush is profoundly worried about the 
>mental state of his son, the current President. According to the 
>sources, Bush 41 has been communicating with his own intimate 
>circle, including former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, 
>and former Secretary of State James Baker III, along with former 
>President Bill Clinton, about G.W.'s over-the-top support for 
>Israel's current self-destructive assault on Lebanon. The 
>ex-President has reportedly conveyed to his close associates that 
>he fears that G.W. is in a messianic state and is "unreachable," 
>even by such close advisors as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 
>Insight magazine, the online publication of the Washington Times,
>buttressed this account, reporting in early August that, for the 
>first time, a rift has developed between Rice and President Bush, 
>over the President's one-sided support for Israel, in the ongoing 
>Israeli Defense Forces invasion of Lebanon.
>Ordinarily, it is easy to dismiss a report from such a source but 
>others with credible track records are backing up the EIS report. 
>Bush family insiders say the former President's concern over his 
>son's mental state was a primary reason why the President made a 
>rare appearance at the family home in Connecticut during August. 
>Bush rarely visits his father. In fact, NBC news anchor Brian 
>Williams recently reported that former President Bill Clinton, who 
>defeated the elder Bush after one term, visits his former rival 
>more often.
>White House aides point to the President's increasingly bizarre 
>behavior: an inpromptu "massage" of a foreign leader at the recent 
>G8 conference, his penchant for farting in front of new West Wing 
>aides and his rambling, often incoherent answers to reporters' questions.
>John Dean, the White House counsel who helped bring down another 
>deranged President: Richard M. Nixon, shares the concern.
>In his book, Conservatives Without Conscience, Dean calls 
>Republican-controlled Washington a bullying, manipulative, 
>prejudiced leadership edging the nation toward a dark era.
>"We have returned to the imperial presidency (that existed in the 
>Nixon era)," Dean says. "We have an unchecked presidency."
>"Are we on the road to fascism?" he adds. "Clearly, we are not on 
>that road yet. But it would not take much more misguided 
>authoritarian leadership, or thoughtless following of such leaders, 
>to find ourselves there.
>"I am not sure which is more frightening," he adds, "another major 
>terror attack or the response of authoritarian conservatives to that
>Dr. Justin Frank, the prominent George Washington University 
>psychiatrist who wrote Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the 
>President, says Bush has lost touch with reality:
>With every passing week, President Bush marches deeper and deeper 
>into a world of his own making. Central to Bush's world is an iron 
>will which demands that external reality be changed to conform to 
>his personal view of how things are.
>As far as Bush is concerned, he is telling the truth; as Madeleine 
>Albright recently said to Columbia Magazine: "the most serious 
>problem is that George Bush now believes what he says." Like many 
>of my hospitalized patients, Bush has created a vast, detailed but 
>vague delusional system he feels compelled to maintain at all 
>costs. This system helps him manage the terrifying anxiety that 
>threatens to make his already endangered inner world more chaotic.
>Psychoanalytic theory suggests that Bush's true enemy is an aspect 
>of himself -- the overwhelming anxiety he works so hard to manage. 
>For Bush, lying remains a central defense mechanism in managing his 
>fears; he lies foremost to himself, altering his perception of 
>external or internal reality to fulfill his psychic need to 
>maintain order. His anxiety is so great that he cannot shift his 
>thinking to account for new information --especially the fact that 
>patriotic families of patriotic soldiers demand that he speak with 
>Taking responsibility has always been hard for George W. Bush. And 
>taking responsibility for inflicting harm on others, a major step 
>in the development of maturity, is a step President Bush has yet to 
>make. Instead, he persists in lying to himself, surrounding himself 
>with people who agree with him. And now he is not safe even inside 
>his own closed circle.
>Dr, Frank has studied Bush's actions and personality extensively 
>and believes the President needs extensive analysis and help.
>"It is not too late for President Bush to have the second half of 
>his medical check-up: psychological testing," Dr. Frank says. 
>"After his recent press conference in which he kept talking about 
>finishing the job while attacking Democrats for wanting an exit 
>strategy, Bush showed even more telltale signs of a particular kind 
>of mental disturbance which medical professionals call thought 
>Writing in The Huffington Post, Dr. Frank continues:
>I had always felt that his inability to respond to crisis, as seen 
>in his response to 9/11 and Katrina and Israel's bombing of 
>Lebanon, was because he suffered from something called affective 
>flooding, where overwhelming anxiety paralyzes any ability to think 
>or even function. Such a response is similar to denial but writ 
>large. Those who observe the president at such moments - thanks to 
>smuggled film clips and his historic April 2004 press conference 
>when he was asked if he had made any mistakes as president - see 
>that he starts rapid blinking movements before his eyes glaze over 
>and become almost fixed in a blank, mindless stare. This massive 
>disconnection from inner self and outer world is called 
>But a recent press conference (August 21, 2006)
>showed that when he is in control he is not flooded in this way. 
>Rather, his splitting takes the form of hatred of reality. I use 
>the term hatred purposefully. When he was pushed by a few 
>increasingly frustrated reporters, he behaves like the untreated 
>alcoholic he is - summarily dismissing material reality.
>When offered a chance to re-think the Iraq war he becomes 
>obstreperous, using sarcasm to both mask and express his internal 
>rage at being challenged. When back in control he patronizes 
>members of what he calls the "Democrat" party, saying that they are 
>"good people" and that he doesn't question their patriotism. In 
>control he is a poor man's Cicero, saying what he's not going to 
>say anyway. Reading between the lines, he calls his critics 
>All of this behavior is in the service of defending himself against 
>reality - something he actively hates. At times, his
>attempts to ward off reality make him appear stupid. He is not. 
>Rather, internal and external realities are too threatening for him 
>to face. When asked whether he had been surprised or frustrated by 
>all the bad news from Baghdad he didn't even understand the 
>question. This is because the very act of facing such questions 
>threatens to destroy his tenaciously held preconceptions. This he 
>cannot risk; he employs various coping mechanisms to attack such 
>questions in any way he can. Instead of acknowledging personal 
>frustration he said that the war must be frustrating for the 
>national psyche. But his hatred of reality required a more violent 
>approach - the day after his conference he sent more of those poor 
>marines back into a world of horror.
>His ability to dismiss reality is profound - more than the simple 
>method used by his mother Barbara, who said she wasn't going to 
>watch the TV news during the war because watching body bags 
>would spoil her "beautiful mind". No, he has a rugged inner strength
> - unless confronted by surprise - that enables him to dismiss and 
>destroy personal perception.
>His mental pulse needs to be taken, not just his physical one. I 
>think that what prevents his doctors from doing so is their fear of 
>what they'd find. Without such an examination, we are left with no 
>medical terms to describe his mental functioning, his private 
>global war on terror which extends to attacks on his own capacity 
>to perceive reality. I have not examined the President, so it is 
>not proper for me to offer a diagnosis. However, my observations 
>lead me to believe that he is psychotic.

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