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> So much? 

Yes, so much. Make a comparision of word counts.

> You must be mistaking quality for quantity.  :-)

And you must be mistaking length of posts and amount of silly
speculation for quality.

> I don't so much "reveal" stupidity as much as shake
> the bushes and see what runs out. 

Then buy yourself an ego-shooter ;-) OTOH I was just testing your
resolve to not respond to me anymore :-) :-) :-)

But on a more serious note: I have also considered like you, why would
some people be so much obsessed in certain topics they have no issue
anymore? Do I go to christian forums and discuss beliefs I don't share
and think are really stupid? No, of course not, why should I waste my
time like that? Do I believe I can convert a fundamentalist of any
sort? Of course not, why should I waste time with him.

Among those critical to TM, I think there are here three categories of

1)People who still practise TM, but feel pissed off by the
organization. Like somebody who wants to fly in the domes, but gets
rejected because he goes to see other saints.

2)People who live closeby or still in a TM community, but are not
really considering themselves to be part of the movement anymore.

3)People who neither practise TM or live near a TM community, but
whose outlook has been formed by TM.

For category 1) and 2) it is relatively easy to see, why they post here: 
They are in one way or the other still confronted with TM on a day to
day basis. Like someone in 1) gets in conflict with the movement, has
certain disadvantages, and naturally looks for an outlet for his
dissatisfaction. An example would be Doug, but I think many others here.

2) is probably not getting directly involved with the movement
anymore, but has lots of friends whom he may meet regularely in
category 1), naturally he comes to share their concerns. Example: Rick

3)Is a much more difficult category: These are people who split away
from TM at a time, neither practise TM nor are involved with the
movement. But their mind has been conditioned by TM beliefs at a time.
Their concern with TM is not immediate. So why would they post? My
suggestion is that they are still struggling with their old beliefs.
This is not always obvious. 

But think of the True Believer syndrom: It is not necessarily bound to
a particular belief. The TB can switch sides and still be a TB. A
fanatic communist could become an as fanatic anti-communist: he
switched sides but still struggles with the same meme, with the same
mental ghosts, and he perceives them in *others* the same way they
were / sorry, they still ARE / within his *own* mind. When he
struggles with the *stupid* beliefs of the other, he actually
struggles with his own ghosts. 

So, when Turq quarrels for ages on different forums with Judy, he
actually struggles with his own ghosts. Judy is just a synonym and can
be substituted by any other. Thats my conclusion so far. In the case
of Turq its even more complex I believe, but I don't want to get into
the details. (Just think he had another Guru, for which he sacrificed
TM, and the fate that he met!)

An example would be that somebody, long out of the movement still
behaves as if he would be a TM teacher (and thus superior to mere
'meditators'), as can be seen in frequent accusations here. (Judy and
Lawson aren't even teachers, who know better!)

My personal conclusion to all the above categories is this:
Make a clear resolve. There are 3 issues to look at:

1.practise 2.location 3.beliefs

For example, if you do a different practise then TM, have another
Guru, but live nearby a TM community, or on the edge of it, it is a
good idea, to get away. I had a friend who lived near Skelmersdale, on
the edge of the Sidhaland, but was disallowed to go to the domes. He
was for years struggling with these policies, until he finally moved
away, to London, - and felt a big relief.

If you have another Guru, who offers a different practise, and you
feel your heart is with him/her, why don't you rely on him/her, and
skip your previous practise, like I did? Then you won't get into
conflict anymore and need not be concerned about movement policies. It
just means being a bit more consequent.

Move away when you feel you are not part of the group thinking
anymore, changing your practise if you are involved with a different

The third category is more difficult to handle: Seeing and
understanding ones old beliefsystem for what it is. A beliefsystem
AFAIU in this case is something attached to a practise and is meant to
support it. Anything which we believe can be part of a beliefsystem.
As the beliefs form a support, one has to see if they are appropriate
to ones current life. One of the teachings of MMY I like most is that
'Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness'. In
going to a different level, you need to skip your previous beliefs,
they become meaningless at one point. Forgetting is such a great

Take an example: group practise is very much stressed in TM. The
belief is that evolution is faster, if you do your program in a group.
But thats also conditioning: Why should your level of happiness depend
on a group, if Brahman is everywhere? What is useful at one level,
maybe a hindrance at another. Here also one should be consequent: one
should see beliefs for what they are, and consciously relinquish them,
when one feels that they are starting to be unhelpful. 

If you do all that, what will you take issue with? What is your
problem in accepting a person, who is on a different evolutionary
level (or path) than yourself, and who has different beliefs? Why is
it a concern to you, if he believes that his practise is superior to
yours? It can only be a concern, if you are still involved at least
partialy in the very same beliefsystem, and it can only be your
concern, if you compare yourself and your practise to his. But why do
this? If you are really fulfilled within yourself, you would
absolutely feel no need to do so.

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