This was not the most common A of E technique given
out in '75. In fact, I've never heard of this specific
technique before. MMY gave out many different ones and
asked us to stay in touch with him by writing what our
experiences were and sending him these reports.

--- Robert Gimbel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Posted by Sudarsha at 1/19/2007 03:36:00 PM 
>     This is what I learned to do: After TM/before
> ‘sidhi’
> At the top of the head think/feel OM
> At the eyebrow level, between the eyes think/feel
> Bhur
> At the throat level, think/feel Bhuvah
> At the heart level think/feel svah
> At the solar plexus level think/feel tat savitur
> -> We were to do this moving our attention/awareness
> down the spine. (More detailed, exacting instruction
> I did not, unfortunately, record in my notes; not do
> I recall ever asking or being given any kind of
> explanation what this was for, what it was supposed
> to do/accomplish.)
> I was told to go to one of the skin boys for
> checking. He had to tell me over and over what the
> “mantras” were. I had at the time a vague notion
> that this was something familiar.
> It turned out to be the beginning of the Gayatri
> Mantra.
> I do not remember how many times this was to be done
> before progressing to the ‘sidhi’ program. Since I
> learned this on an ATR (Advanced Teaching and
> Rounding, I think), I left for home almost
> immediately thereafter. I had been doing the ‘sidhi’
> program for some time and felt increasingly
> exhausted and dull from morning meditation to
> evening meditation. I wanted to sleep all the time
> and could barely function without a lot of effort,
> very difficult effort.
> The addition of the “A of E” increased the dullness
> of the ‘sidhi’ program and added something I still
> find difficult to describe despite the sparce notes
> from this time in my journals. I simply felt awful.
> Dutifully, month after month I wrote my A of E
> experience evaluation and sent it off to wherever we
> were to send these things. I am unable to find the
> list of questions we were to answer and apparently
> did not keep copies of the pleading letters I sent.
> I felt so bad I was pleading month after month for
> some kind of help, any kind of assistance. Needless
> to say, there was no response.
> I now recall a Sufi teaching lession I learned some
> years later: I have sent you a thousand letters and
> you have not answered one; but that too is an
> answer. 
> After about 6-months of this (apparently if you are
> dull, exhausted, feel wretched and afraid that you
> will be cut off like the errant son of some stuffy
> and heartless aristocrat), you keep doing the same
> thing again and again expecting better results.
> The Gayatri:
> Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
> Tat
> Savitur Varenyam
> Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
> Dhiyo Yonah:
> Prachodayat
> English translation:
> Throughout all realms of experience
> ‘That’
> essential nature illuminating existence
> is the adorable
> One.
> May all beings perceive through
> subtle and meditative intellect
> the magnificent brilliance
> of enlightened awareness.
> Wow, I wasn't on those early courses, but sure
> sounds exotic;
>   Thanks for the free information- as I didn't even
> have to travel to France this time for those
> secrets...
>   One thing that stands out- Some of these 'Kriya'
> methods attributed to Yogananda- seems true.
>   So, is Yogananda also guilty of some kind of crime
> for teaching his techniques in the West also.
>   Let's not be wimps and cry babies- 
>   Ya, know what they say...
>   'Girls just wanna have fun'...
>   R.G.
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