It's now the 6th technique and it no longer has the sanskrit and so you just 
place attention. It's a good technique.

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> This was not the most common A of E technique given
> out in '75. In fact, I've never heard of this specific
> technique before. MMY gave out many different ones and
> asked us to stay in touch with him by writing what our
> experiences were and sending him these reports.
> --- Robert Gimbel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Posted by Sudarsha at 1/19/2007 03:36:00 PM
>>     This is what I learned to do: After TM/before
>> 'sidhi'
>> At the top of the head think/feel OM
>> At the eyebrow level, between the eyes think/feel
>> Bhur
>> At the throat level, think/feel Bhuvah
>> At the heart level think/feel svah
>> At the solar plexus level think/feel tat savitur
>> -> We were to do this moving our attention/awareness
>> down the spine. (More detailed, exacting instruction
>> I did not, unfortunately, record in my notes; not do
>> I recall ever asking or being given any kind of
>> explanation what this was for, what it was supposed
>> to do/accomplish.)
>> I was told to go to one of the skin boys for
>> checking. He had to tell me over and over what the
>> "mantras" were. I had at the time a vague notion
>> that this was something familiar.
>> It turned out to be the beginning of the Gayatri
>> Mantra.
>> I do not remember how many times this was to be done
>> before progressing to the 'sidhi' program. Since I
>> learned this on an ATR (Advanced Teaching and
>> Rounding, I think), I left for home almost
>> immediately thereafter. I had been doing the 'sidhi'
>> program for some time and felt increasingly
>> exhausted and dull from morning meditation to
>> evening meditation. I wanted to sleep all the time
>> and could barely function without a lot of effort,
>> very difficult effort.
>> The addition of the "A of E" increased the dullness
>> of the 'sidhi' program and added something I still
>> find difficult to describe despite the sparce notes
>> from this time in my journals. I simply felt awful.
>> Dutifully, month after month I wrote my A of E
>> experience evaluation and sent it off to wherever we
>> were to send these things. I am unable to find the
>> list of questions we were to answer and apparently
>> did not keep copies of the pleading letters I sent.
>> I felt so bad I was pleading month after month for
>> some kind of help, any kind of assistance. Needless
>> to say, there was no response.
>> I now recall a Sufi teaching lession I learned some
>> years later: I have sent you a thousand letters and
>> you have not answered one; but that too is an
>> answer.
>> After about 6-months of this (apparently if you are
>> dull, exhausted, feel wretched and afraid that you
>> will be cut off like the errant son of some stuffy
>> and heartless aristocrat), you keep doing the same
>> thing again and again expecting better results.
>> The Gayatri:
>> Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
>> Tat
>> Savitur Varenyam
>> Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
>> Dhiyo Yonah:
>> Prachodayat
>> English translation:
>> Throughout all realms of experience
>> 'That'
>> essential nature illuminating existence
>> is the adorable
>> One.
>> May all beings perceive through
>> subtle and meditative intellect
>> the magnificent brilliance
>> of enlightened awareness.
>> Wow, I wasn't on those early courses, but sure
>> sounds exotic;
>>   Thanks for the free information- as I didn't even
>> have to travel to France this time for those
>> secrets...
>>   One thing that stands out- Some of these 'Kriya'
>> methods attributed to Yogananda- seems true.
>>   So, is Yogananda also guilty of some kind of crime
>> for teaching his techniques in the West also.
>>   Let's not be wimps and cry babies-
>>   Ya, know what they say...
>>   'Girls just wanna have fun'...
>>   R.G.
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