Dear Mohsen,

Despite all respect I consider for you and your work on Mozilla,
I believe that you are too over-announcing a really early stage
piece of work.  I have recieved your mail at least five times in
past two days.  As you know we have discussed a lot that every
list has its own goal and its own members, so please post to the
right list, and don't crosspost.  If someone has not subscribed
to the related lists, may it be that she doesn't want to hear
about some stuff.

BTW, I'm writing this because I feel I have enough permissions to
nag in the farsiweb and persiancomputing lists.


On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Mohsen Sajjadi wrote:

> Dear Reader
> You can find langpacks for Farsi Mozilla, currently at verion
> 0.52beta for Mozilla 1.1 and soon to release for mozilla 1.2b,
> at:
> or if u r in a hurry 
> Could people using linux test this on linux and give me their feedback.
> thnx
> Mohsen 

Behdad Esfahbod         30 Aban 1381, 2002 Nov 21      [Finger for Geek Code]

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