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Registering subdomain is done by your nameserver . You have to read your
nameserver documents for Wildcards support in Zone files . 
Also in web server you can store a default Virtual Host and probe the
subdomain in your PHP scripts by analyzing the _SERVER["SERVER_NAME"]
predefined variable .
Also I think that there is some solutions in apache that you can forward
each subdomains to it's own directory . You have to read the apache
configuration documents .
But as behdad said you have to be familiar with php and apache first .


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Hi dears.
I want to register a subdomain.
I want to any time that user fill application form and click Submit,my
program register a subdomain that user entried. Becuse i want to write a
Blogger,therfore i had register a subdomain for 
each user.
I'm working under UNIX/Linux hosting.
If possible,introduce a function me that it is do.
Please guide me...
I'm waitting your email...
--Best regards

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