IANAVW. BTW, quoting your file:

" All characters are given literally, conversion to another encoding (e.g.,
" UTF-8) should work.

Is it true?  As the characters are presented in UTF-8 already.
" Use this short name in the status line.
let b:keymap_name = "per"

Better it be "fa" IMHO.


On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Behnam Esfahbod wrote:

> We have created the Persian-Iranian keymap file for Vim based on Persian 
> Standard Keyboard Layout.
> As utf-8 is the only encoding for Persian on Linux, we have implemented 
> this layout only in utf-8.
> Known Bugs:
> - AltGr isn't supported, cause of there is no AltGr in US keyboard.
> - Shift+Space doesn't work; you should use Shift-B for ZWNJ.
> Newbie Instruction:
> - Copy these two files to /usr/share/vim/vim6x/keymap/
> - Use 
> :set keymap=persian
> in Vim command mode, or append it to ~/.vimrc
> Have fun...

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