Hi daers.
Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh studing computer in my university.
Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh wrote a function what converts utf8 to digit.
It means that you enter 30(farsi),this function return 30(latin).
Then you can corprate this number in computing.
He tested with RedHat 9 with iranian keyboard layout.
He told me that he don't know that this function work with IE.
He tested on Mozilla & got true answer.
I tesed on IE but i got false answer.
Of course,I don't know PHP or webprogramming.
I ask you test this function on IE & tell me your answer.
If your answer will become true,tell me how to its usage.
Becuse i need to this function.
You can see that function in following lines:
$farsi_table=array("4758678",  "38354955555459", #Zero
                     "38354955555559", #one
         "38354955555659", #two
       "38354955555759", #three
       "38354955564859", #four
       "38354955564959", #five
       "38354955565059", #six
       "38354955565159", #seven
       "38354955565259", #eight
       "38354955565359" #nine
function search_index_array($str)
 global $farsi_table;
 for ($i=0;$i<11;$i++)
  if ($farsi_table[$i]==$str)
   return $i;
 return FALSE;
}// end of search_index_array
function utf8_to_int($str)
  global $farsi_table;
  $len=strlen($str);# / 7;
  for ($i=0;$i<$len;$i++)
   if (search_index_array($tmp)!=False)
  return (int)$out;


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