> You can write Persian in GNOME, KDE, and Mozilla with late version of
> Red Hat, althought with different levels of support.

We were discussing international support over on another group and a very 
nice person (who does not actually know Persian) took a look at my Persian 
website and gave an assessment of the problems on Netscape and Opera.  Since I see 
similar results with Linux maybe they stem from the same problem. Since I 
don't like the idea of his efforts going to waste and since the topic has 
just come up again, I'll just append some of his remarks below. Maybe 
someone will do something with this info. (I'm editing out the stuff that doesn't 
apply here too much.)

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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 18:43:37 -0400
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...The problems I described with Opera 7 are also described in your screen shots page. 
 Basically, it doesn't handle dir="rtl" and thus displays Persian bass ackwards.

I also figured out the primary problem with Netscape 7.  In the course of transforming 
the utf-8 encoded Persian, it is improperly keeping track of the word lengths and 
consequent screen positions (i.e., it is converting multi-byte representations of 
individual characters, and not doing the math right for the resultant widths).  So the 
more to the right the characters appear in the line, the yet more to the right you 
must position the cursor for it to behave as if it is over a word for doing a 
double-click or click-and-drag select.  If you want to select the right-most word, or 
the associated quotation mark, you have to place the cursor about an inch to the right 
of them, in what is blank space within the display.  The errors become less for words 
progressively more to the left, and for words in the left half of the line you can 
double-click pretty much on the actual words (but things are still not perfectly lined 
up).  The line should be centered, but appears too far the le!
 ft, because Netscape 7 "thinks" it is centering a much longer line.  So Netscape 7 
still has a seriously flawed implementation, but it should be more "readable" than 
with Opera 7 for someone who knows the language.

When I try it with IE v5.5, which you say is the version at MS which really got it 
right, everything appears to be perfect except for the handling of the quotation marks 
(guillemets  :<).  


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