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> Could you elaborate on Farsi Yeh issue?
> From what I see, there is no Farsi keyboard layout (on PC or Mac) that uses
> the real Farsi Yeh (U+06CC) they use either U+0649 the Arabic Alef Maksurah
> (for Mac and some PCs) or U+064A the Arabic Yeh (for some other PCs, with
> chopped off dots in the Arabic glyph in the font!)
> To my knowledge, most Farsi fonts don't have real Farsi Yeh. Some do, but
> it's actually not being used by current Farsi keyboards on either platforms.


I don't know such things on Mac OS.

In MS Windows, the default "Farsi" keyboard has correct "FARSI YEH", and 
also other replacment o experimental ones.  But old Microsoft's Fonts have 
problems with "FARSI YEH", that it's going to be corrected in new 

In RedHat Linux, the keyboard and fonts, and other 3th party's fonts like 
Gnome are all correct in this field.

You can use Microsoft Office 2003 and it's updated fonts to see this as 
you like! ;)

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