You know that the 'book' in 'bookmark' is refering to the
book/n/, not book/v/.  The original word bookmark/v/ is kind of
tricky, as it's not listed in dictionaries, and is a invented to
be used in browsers.  BTW, the standard Persian translation for
bookmark/n/ is "choob-alef".  It may seem weird, but better we
stick with it and spread it around, instead of replacing with a
new word.  I remember the word was there back in early 90s in
Persian MS Windows 3.1s.  And perhaps bookmark/v/ can be
translated as "choob-alef gozaashtan" or literally "choob-alef


On Fri, 3 Oct 2003, Ali A Khanban wrote:

> It seems to me something like "sabt-e neshaani" for "bookmark" is more
> relevant, if we look at the meaning and also think of "book" as
> "register". So for "bookmark this page" we may say "neshaani-ye in safhe
> raa sabt konid".
> -ali-
> Skip Tavakkolian wrote:
> >>Does any one knows a translation for"BOOKMARK" or"BOOKMARK THIS PAGE"
> >>in Persian?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >neshaane safheh or neshaane ketab?
> >
> >I don't know if such a phrase is actually in common use.  Reminds me of
> >my highschool physics teacher trying to explain where the word "shaar"
> >(a replacement for "flux") came from.  After thinking about it, he said,  it
> >comes from "Farsie be pedar o madar".
> >
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