> > On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Hey Mr Connie Genius,
> The subject line ;).
> http://www.persian-language.org/
Hehe. It's not for nothin' I'm called "Mr Connie Genius"!

Yeah, I knew what was coming as I was treated to those 2 beautiful final
dots of "farsi" in the <title> of the page long before the page actually

So what action should be taken here ? Shall I send a nastygram to the
webmaster written on the official stationery of the Dots Police?

I was even thinking of opening up a Yeh Museum the other day. If I can get
folks to scan and email me these specimens of announcements/invitations on
printed paper with the Arabic Yeh's I will create a beautiful photo
gallery as a tribute to this historic phenomonon! I mean it--send them in.
It'll be cool!

Actually....and I'm risking exposing more of my genius tendancies
here....I wanted to ask what I misunderstood along the line because I was
under the impression that search engines or any search tool had been
instructed to consider Arabic and Persian Yeh's to be the same. Yet it is
a sad fact that if you do a Google search for a Persian word with final
yeh, you'd better use the Arabic yeh.

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