On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, C Bobroff wrote:

> > > On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> > Hey Mr Connie Genius,
> > The subject line ;).
> > http://www.persian-language.org/
> Hehe. It's not for nothin' I'm called "Mr Connie Genius"!

Ever considered having a nick name of Joe?  See: "Mr Joe Genius".

> Yeah, I knew what was coming as I was treated to those 2 beautiful final
> dots of "farsi" in the <title> of the page long before the page actually
> loaded!
> So what action should be taken here ? Shall I send a nastygram to the
> webmaster written on the official stationery of the Dots Police?

Tell them you are going to put them in your black list if they
don't act in 24 hours.  Don't forget to tell them that as a
consequence, most major proxies around the world (not in Iran!)
would block their site.

> I was even thinking of opening up a Yeh Museum the other day. If I can get
> folks to scan and email me these specimens of announcements/invitations on
> printed paper with the Arabic Yeh's I will create a beautiful photo
> gallery as a tribute to this historic phenomonon! I mean it--send them in.
> It'll be cool!

Roozbeh has a nice masterpiece for you musuem, but that's not dot
related.  A bidi problem, printed 001 instead of 100.

> Actually....and I'm risking exposing more of my genius tendancies
> here....I wanted to ask what I misunderstood along the line because I was
> under the impression that search engines or any search tool had been
> instructed to consider Arabic and Persian Yeh's to be the same. Yet it is
> a sad fact that if you do a Google search for a Persian word with final
> yeh, you'd better use the Arabic yeh.

They do NOT do special handling this.

> -Connie

which is going to study after finishing this mail.
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