On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, C Bobroff wrote:

> As I said, I have many non-unicode compliant fonts on my XP and they were
> not affected by the critical updates so perhaps something else is
> involved.
> Next question:
> What are all these font packages we are suddenly hearing about? I only
> know about Farsiweb's Koodak which I thought was under construction and
> not yet ready for distribution. Perhaps Mehran and Behnam could provide
> some details about these fonts. Are they complete? Do they have all the
> characters? Do the diacritics position correctly?  I'm worried there's
> going to be many fonts with the same names but different behaviors.
> -Connie
No, they are not complete. They just work. FarsiWeb will release fully 
compliant (with upcoming Persian Font Standards) fonts later.

I know many people who reinstall their XP's, without updating, and as 
you know it is worse than having many fonts with the same names but 
different behaviors.

--Mehran Mehr

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