The secret is that the font must have  embedding permission enabled.
You can check permissions on the font with this free tool:

The Farsiweb Koodak font will work although that is still under
construction.  I'm guessing Mehran's fonts mentioned earlier today will
also work and if so, that will be great since they are unicode-compliant.

I've successfully used Borna's fonts with Weft a long time ago:

These fonts are not unicode-compliant but since you are embedding, as long
as you specify UTF-8, that should also work.

Of course Weft is only for WIndows and Internet Explorer. Also, if the
system administrator has configured the computer in such a way that
certain settings are forced on the user, then also Weft won't work.
However, Weft may be one solution to insure the user sees YOUR font since,
as we've been discussing of late, one font name can be a zillion different

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