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> As I said, I have many non-unicode compliant fonts on my XP and they were
> not affected by the critical updates so perhaps something else is
> involved.
> Next question:
> What are all these font packages we are suddenly hearing about? I only
> know about Farsiweb's Koodak which I thought was under construction and
> not yet ready for distribution. Perhaps Mehran and Behnam could provide
> some details about these fonts. Are they complete? Do they have all the
> characters? Do the diacritics position correctly?  I'm worried there's
> going to be many fonts with the same names but different behaviors.
> -Connie

I'm currently working on a package of Unicode compliant true type Farsi
fonts package, initially for Macintosh platform. But I don't think Unicode
fonts are platform dependent. As for the name confusion, all these fonts
have an "X" prefix embedded in their names, so there won't be any confusion
of name similarity (by people or computers) X stands for Macintosh OS X
operating system but it is particularly used to group all Farsi fonts in one
place, near the bottom of the font list!
The package is not ready yet. It's been delayed to correct few characters
(Hamza etc.) and include few characters uniquely used in Afghan texts (not
Farsi but Pashtun characters)
I'll let you know when and where they will be available.

Behnam R.

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