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> Any idea how to solve the problem with the first example that Connie posted?
> students.washington.edu/irina/MacOSX_IE5.2.gif
> Why is it that IE5 on Mac OS does not show the characters? Will Panther fix
> this problem too?
> Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.
> Saeed

I'm not a computer savvy but here's my two cents: I had similar appearance
on some websites and they were resolved by downloading and installing the
special Farsi font they provided. But in this case, since the Farsi
characters do show up in other browsers, I don't think that would work.
But here is another fact: if you are on Mac platform, you better look for
another browser (other than IE5).
Shortly after Apple introduced Safari, MS announced that they stopped
developing IE for Mac. They really don't like competition! that means that
the IE version you have (5.2 I presume) is the last browser ever made for
Mac by Microsoft, and 5.2 is already quite old.
If you try Safari, you'll see that it is much faster than IE 5 and it is
catching up on some features that IE excels.(security signatures for online
banking for example)
Since MS will not upgrade IE for Mac, there is a possibility that the
improvements in Panther will have no effect in IE performance. (browser has
to be geared to text engine of OS and IE apparently is not)
By the end of this coming weekend, after I installed Panthers, I may have
more to say on this.


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