Not meaning to pick on you personally, but why have you used
Arabic Letter Kaf (0643) and Arabic Letter Yeh (064A) on your website?

I'm truly, honestly asking out of curiosity.  Were the Arabic letters
already mapped to your keyboard or did you reprogram it yourself?  Maybe
you didn't notice??

Especially on this very day when someone else has just posted the
"solution" to this problem (well, it is not the solution, it is a
whitewash but maybe better than nothing), I really can't resist asking and
hope you don't get offended. I just can't help wonder since some of us are
having to take tranquilizers before looking at Persian websites lest the
dots under those Yeh's lead to certain nervous disorders as already
discussed on this list.


PS Where is Joe? Did you see over on your
they appear to now be using the Persian equivalents on selected newer
articles.  I think there is hope on the horizon!

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