Dear Masoud,

I really agree with u and the scenario as well. The idea to give the ISP:s this responsibility is a very good idea but the problem is that ISP:s in Iran must earn money to do smth in such matter and how possible is that?

My responsibility as webmaster to code strictly ( as I have done for is a very very disfficult part of the issue. As I said I have coded strictly and have 2 kind of stylesheets for the site (one for netscape 4-up and one for IE5- up). The problem is that some of these old browsers do not support imposrtant issues to browse the site correctly. Some of them hardly even support unicode (such as Opera). So I am pretty confused:-)

Thanks alot for sharing your thoughts.

/Hossein M

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Imagine this scenario:
A guy, with not much income, decides to acquire some knowledge about
what his fellow workers have called "Computer use". With a loan (%36
percent interest per year minimum.), he buys a Pentium MMX/233 based
system with not much harddrive and a modem. After all, being able to
reach internet is really cool, something that we (me included) usually
overlook these days. What type of OS can be easily used on this
computer? I tell you. Win! 98SE. WinME takes too much space, and forget
about windows2000, as it really doesn't fit on the harddrive space or
perform good enough unless you have more that 128 megs of RAM.
So, our guy ends up with IE4. As he hasn't paid for MSFT license (and
doesn't have a good license key), he really can't get the updates from
Microsoft website. Even if he could, he would have to download several
megs to just upgrade to IE6 (imagine doing that with a 56K modem).
Now, if you are a good ISP for one of these guys, it might be a good
idea to download them and give free upgrade cdroms to your customers, as
it also reduces your headaches for defence against various MSFT worms.
If you are a webmaster, stick to standards and hope for the best.
Just my 'dozari' :-)

M wrote:

> Hi doostan,
> It is amazing that in my statistics of visitors to my site
> I see people u! sing Netscape3 or IE4
> . Are these people in stoneage or what? Don't they know that they can
> update their browsers?????
> I can somehow understand that people stil using win98 but come on we
> have to find out someway to inform people that they CAN uptade their
> browser and it is not a "fisyk e atomi".
> They can't see the fonts right and not only other issue. What r ur
> thoughts?
> Best Regards
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