> Another alternative story: Let's say the writer of the page likes to
> say: "Don't use Arabic Yehs like 'ي', use Persian Yehs like 'ی'."?
BEHzad, please find a way to make the Arabic remain Arabic if the
webmaster has intentionally typed Arabic.  Maybe it's time to start using
those AR and FA lang tags which are so far mainly ornamental??  It's very
common that someone will want both Arabic and Persian text on one page.

> > (RoozBEH, are you almost done cleaning out your Inbox??)
> I'm doing it now. Next shot in 90 days.
I'll see if I can schedule you for a rendezvous with Halley's Comet.

> Very good recommendations.
Oh, and some numbers too (in the event that one day we can make a numbered
list in Persian!)


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