> Dear Roozbeh and Mr. Connie (strange name!),
You may just call me Connie unless you are flaming me in which case, "Mr
Connie Genius" is recommended.

> Do you know why? Because they never found a good article about such topics
> in magazines, books, and even FarsiWeb.info.
Guess they didn't think to check out the magazines from Tel Aviv and Cairo
which is where the action is...
Anyhow, you please continue.  It takes only one person to make a change.
We are listening appreciatively.

> Guys, I know there are a lot of problems about Farsi content.
I don't agree with BEHdad on everything all the time  but he's given you
good advice  here to please use the word Persian where possible when
speaking English.

> I think It would be better to solve them step-by-step.
>Thus, I don't talk about "Arabic Text within Farsi webpage" problem and
Step-by-step is fine but do keep the Arabic issue in mind because if your
script turns Arabic to Persian even if Arabic was intended, we will have a
big problem!

Thanks for your efforts.
Keep up the good work.

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