Hi Abdul,
This is the first time I see your message. Maybe because I usually skip Farsi texts written with Roman characters. I have always difficulty to read those.
The reason you receive a whole bunch of emails is probably because you are subscribed to this "newsgroup". So you get everything exchanged in this forum. You can "unsubscribe" anytime you want. I personally have difficulty to stay subscribed for a sustainable time!
I realize you lost interest in installing Farsi fonts on Macintosh. But if you changed your mind, I may be able to help you. In fact it is very easy to install fonts on Mac. Just put the fonts in the font folder!
If you need more detail, I need to know which OS you are using. OS 9 or OS X

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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 00:21:50 +0100
Subject: Salam
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Dostane aziz age nemitonid komakam konid hadaghal inghad rozi 10 email baram
nazanid ke hajme e mail e mano begire
Man ye khahesh azeton dashtam on ham ke be man komak konid ke font farsi ro
computere macintosh nasb konam vali alan dige pashimon shodam nemikham nasb
konam vali lotfan az in be bad be man e mail nazanid
Khely mamnon az hamkarie shoma

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