I develop a new Farsi script and you can download it all, it's only 10 lines of code and long as you put in your header of your web pages you will be enable to have Farsi display and input in all your web site without any modification of your site. this package enabled me to make a Farsi version for PHPMayadmin (included in this download) in two hours! there is a sample script in this version as well and I use that to Farsi the www.irandar.com as well. you can download who package which is Farsi PHPMYADMIN patch and the Farsi script (only around 10 lines of code) from the URL in http://www.irandar.com/farsiphpmyadmin.zip free. there is a Farsi mail functionality also that you can send Farsi email as well but not included in this package. if you like I can add that too. this package already submit in sourceforge.org and going to be in next version of phpmyadmin too.
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