> Le 23 févr. 2018 à 09:55, Christoph Kuhr <christoph.k...@web.de> a écrit :
> Hey,
> perhapes some topic to discuss on LAC2018?
>> 1) GPU computation is not really adapted to the need of general audio 
>> algorithms, but more for highly « data parallel » needs (likes images). In 
>> audio code, as soon as your code is doing recursions, GPU are quite 
>> inefficient and not used the way they like
>> 2) the code generation strategy was very naive, so probably even under-using 
>> what could be theoretically achieved
>> 3) GPU/CPU memory transfer suffers from high latency, so is not adapted to 
>> real-time computation with small buffer sizes
> I did some recent research on that. 
> http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2009/fmt-proceedings-2017-paper10.pdf
> With NVidia Pascal architecture ( > GT 10XX) and newer you have Zero-Copy 
> Data Transfer.
> Sadly now Pascal Card around :-/
> With GT 900 we could achieve 512 Samples / 48k @ 2Ch.

Very interesting indeed !

>> I read later on that the Csound guys did some experiment, see here about the 
>> CUDA thing:  http://www.csounds.com/manual/html/PrefaceWhatsNew.html. Victor 
>> Lazzarini on this list can probably develop here.
>> So my conclusion is that OpenCL/CUDA *could* be interesting again assuming 
>> 1) a subset of audio algorithms only would be compiled, 2) the Faust 
>> compiler possibly need some new primitives (vector, matrix..) more adapted 
>> to GPU processing, and code generation would have two be improved, 3) the 
>> latency issues would have to be revisited with more recent and powerful 
>> cards.
> I am not  very familiar with using Faust, just followed it on LAC. I just 
> think this would be a really interesting topic, espacially with the Faust web 
> interpreter

Do you mean using WebGL for GPGPU ?

> You could do some serious online signal processing like virtual soundscapes, 
> which is something we are considering in our research project fast-music 
> (www.soundjack.eu).
> Or am I on a wrong path regarding Faust?

Well I suggest you dig a bit more the language itself, with them documentation 
and libraries here : http://faust.grame.fr/Documentation/ 

Then "FAUST Compiler for GPGPU could then be an interesting topic for «Round 
Table Topics » for IFC: here http://www.ifc18.uni-mainz.de ? Would you be there?


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