Hello everyone, 

I am new to FAUST, and right now feeling like the metaphorical child in 
the sweet shop. :-)

There are some things, I would like to try, but I am not sure where to 
start. I have no problem with creating my own custom architecture file 
if this is what it takes, but I want to make sure I am not overlooking
something obvious.

Here are some of the things, I would like to try:

I see there is a clever naming convention to control polyphonic DSPs via 
midi.  But let's say, I wanted to use OSC instead of MIDI -- would it be 
feasable to have some multi-argument OSC message instead of a Note-On?

What if I need to have more per-voice parameters (i.e. other than freq, 
gain, gate)?  Is there a "default" way to extend the existing logic? 

To take this a bit further: I see there are some bits (FUI, PresetUI) 
that deal with storing/recalling presets. I would like to be able to 
store more than one preset (I think PresetUI does this, but it is only 
included in ca-qt,cpp?). And .... I would like to be able to select a 
different preset for each individual node I "play".

Are these feasable ideas? 

Is creating a custom architecture file the intended approach for this?
Or would I just use faust2api and create the logic I need on top of 

Can you point me to some documentation or existing code for inspiration?

Kind regards,

p.s. In case you were wondering: I want to use Faust to synthesize sound 
effects (collision sounds mostly) for a video game in real time.
My prototype uses puredata for this, which works fine, but some things
are really cumbersome to do in pd, so I was looking for alternatives.
The combination of DSPs written with FAUST + maybe some additional 
control logic written in c++ seems like a realy nice fit. But of course
this needs further evaluation.

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