Failed build of Fawkes Trac [7db06755ec3e9fe5ca8af9e75d576dc5e3d52efa]

  Changeset:             7db06755ec3e9fe5ca8af9e75d576dc5e3d52efa  -  
  Committed by:          Tim Niemueller <>

  Build Configuration:   fawkes-master
  Build Platform:        Fedora Rawhide
  Build Slave:           sparrow
  Build Number:          1071  -  

    Step:                apidoc
    Errors:              make failed (2)
      [INFO    ] make: Entering directory ''
      [INFO    ] [DOC] Building documentation (api-quick.doxygen). This may 
take a while...
      [INFO    ] --> Warnings have been generated:
      [INFO    ] error: Problems running latex. Check your installation or look 
for typos in _formulas.tex and check _formulas.log!
      [INFO    ] error: Problems running dvips. Check your installation!
      [ERROR   ] make: *** [etc/buildsys/root/ api-quick.doxygen] 
Error 1
      [INFO    ] make: Leaving directory ''

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