dear fc-uk list,

please find attached an invitation for an event we're organising as a
side event of re:transmission... is a collective documentation of the regeneration process
around south-east london, deptford in collaboration with dekspace,
boundless, liquid-culture & goldsmiths college


stricly for true copy fighters & river bound culture vagabonds, YARRR!

you're invited for the screening of & DJ session by
J-No on the pirate boat as a contribution to the re:transmission
festival by,, &

friday 13th of october
screening starts 9pm

RSVP essential - places are limited - please book in advance by sending
email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] !

    Steal This Film

- "In 2006 a group of friends decided to make a film about filesharing
that *we* would recognise.

There have been a few documentaries by 'old media' crews who don't
understand the net and see peer-to-peer organisation as a threat to
their livelihoods. They have no reason to represent the filesharing
movement positively. And no capacity to represent it lucidly."

You may also download the film using The Pirate Bay.

WARNING, entering of the premises on your own risk: be aware that you
will have to "squeeze" through the entrance gate (but we informed the
police and the owners of the industrial estate, set up a sign
"mindsweeper" and will set you guiding lights to the boat, so that you
get there...)

how to get to the boat:

- take train/DLR to greenwich
- if you come out of the station turn right, walk greenwich high road
towards deptford
- take first turn right which is norman road
- walk underneath bridge next gate with the sign minesweeper on it on
your left:
Brook Marsh Industrial Estate
Norman Road, Greewich SE10
- squeeze through the gate (there is one place in the gates which is
widened for people to access the estate)
- follow the minesweeper sign & the lamps to the creek and enter the boat

see also:,177250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

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