At today's regularly scheduled meeting, the Fedora Engineering
Steering Committee (FESCo) decided that Fedora 9 release will be
slipping by exactly two weeks.

Because of other slippage, coupled with some technical difficulties
during this previous week, our Preview Release was unexpectedly
stalled.  The Preview Release is where we expect to catch all manner
of last-minute bugs, do very heavy QA, and otherwise perform all the
final spit-and-polish.  There needs to be sufficient time between the
PR and the release for testers to find and report issues.

There are less than two weeks remaining until the original target date
of April 29th.  About a week before that date we have to have
everything locked and loaded for distribution by our mirrors.  That
small a timeframe would then make the Preview Release -- normally a
very important part of our release schedule -- nearly useless.

This slip is not intended to make room for more changes, it is only
intended to make room for fixing the things we already know about, and
allowing new things to be found, and evaluated as release blocking, and
fixed.  There are also a fair number of bugs we think we've already
fixed, but need wider audience testing to be sure.

The current blocker list is viewable at 
however since there is nothing preventing people from adding bugs to this list 
it will get culled from time to time from things that aren't actually blockers. 
 A (rather longer) list of things we'd like to see fixes for can be seen 
although this list does get less attention than the blocker list.

We deeply appreciate the value we get from our community in using our
development tree and testing our release attempts.  Without your input,
our releases couldn't possibly be as good as they have been.  Please
help us use these extra couple of weeks to make the already awesome
Fedora 9 even better!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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