Hey there Fedora users! I've updated the Unofficial Fedora FAQ
for Fedora 10:


        There are lots of new changes and additions!

        * With the combination of Fedora 10 and the new RPMFusion
          repository, there doesn't need to be a special fedorafaq.org
          yum configuration anymore! There are still instructions in
          the FAQ on how to configure yum to access rpmfusion, though.

        * The Java plugin included in Fedora 10 seems to work well
          enough that installing the Sun Java package isn't needed.

        * There's a networking (DNS) issue in Fedora 10 that some people
          are hitting, and I've added a FAQ question for that.

        And of course, all of the other questions have been updated for
Fedora 10, too.

        If you see some other questions being frequently asked out
there in the Fedora world, please let me know!! The contribution
guidelines are here:


        And of course, one thing I'd really like to see is more
translations of fedorafaq.org! If you'd like to be a translator,
contact me directly and let me know!

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