The Fedora IRC Classroom has had a number of Classes recently. 
If you have missed them, don't worry! You can find logs from each of
them on our Classroom page at:

Some recent Classes: 

2009-08-05 01:00 UTC    An intro to rsync -- Jon Stanley
2009-08-05 02:00 UTC    Introduction to Koji (build system) and Bodhi (updates 
                                                in Fedora infrastructure (End 
user perspective) -- Rahul Sundaram
2009-07-30 01:00 UTC    A tour of the Xfce desktop -- Kevin Fenzi
2009-07-21 01:00 UTC    Using preupgrade -- Kevin Fenzi

(See the above link for full logs and summary). 

If you would like to teach a Class, provide feedback or suggestions for
upcoming sessions, feel free to mail the classroom list. 
( ). 

Thanks to everyone for attending and teaching these Classes. They are a
great way for folks to learn more about fedora, it's software and


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