Hello Fedora World :-)

hereby I like to announce a new IRC-Channel which is opened right now
for everybody to attend a FAD (== Fedora Activity Day) online.

You'll find the channel on

IRC Freenode
/join #fedora-fad

If YOU need a special permission to change something, let me know.

I created that channel, because of some people asked (also in the past)
about who cann't attend a FAD. The next FAD in EMEA takes place (again
and by tradition) in Rheinfelden, Germany on the next weekend

If you cann't attend in person, but also want to be part: Join the
channel and BE FEDORA ...

C U soon


Gerold Kassube

Fedora Ambassador in
Deutschland / Germany
Schweiz / Switzerland
FAS-Number: 10

Email: gerol...@fedoraproject.org
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